Board of Overseers

The Board of Overseers is a voluntary group that supports the advancement of the Conservatory by consulting on special projects, serving as representatives of the college, and providing expertise and guidance to the president. The overseers strengthen our ties to the community and ensure the broadest possible diversity and community representation. Current members include:

Ivy C. Scricco, Chair
Anne N. Cuervo, Vice Chair
Howard H. Bengele, Ph.D.
Joan Broderick
Frederic D. Carter, III
Doreen Donovan Corkin
Miles A. Fish, III '63
Edward C. Fleck
Jill A. Fopiano, C.F.A.
John S. Foster
Remmi Franklin
Christina P. Glen
Marilyn Levitt
Ricardo Lewitus, M.D.
Gregory Mailloux
Michele Manganaro
Brendan Murphy
Sean Murphy '94 '96
Barbara G. Papesch
Snow Qin
Suzanne H. Rollert
Warren A. Seamans
Anne Tolkoff
Rosamond B. Vaule
Jason S. Weissman
Amy K. Wertheim
George C. White

List updated June 19, 2017