Faculty Playlist: Mila Thigpen's Weekend Salsa Picks

Mila Thigpen

Mila Thigpen

Interim Chair of Dance

Mila Thigpen, the Conservatory’s interim chair of dance, shares some of her favorite salsa tracks for getting into a weekend vibe and onto the dance floor.  

I love salsa! Always enticed to the dance floor, my body invites the Afro-Caribbean cadences to travel along my muscle fibers, producing syncopated footwork, hip and torso motion, as well as effortless spins. I find liberation and release in the rhythm and motion of salsa’s dance form.

The hardest part of creating this playlist was choosing only a few songs. There is such a wide range of salsa music styles displaying rich, complex rhythms and instrumentation that have evolved over time. This playlist samples a few of the songs that create lively soundscapes for people connecting through salsa.