Staying Connected to Boston Conservatory

Francesca Axam-Hocker

Contemporary Dance
My first and last days at Boston Conservatory at Berklee are the days that stick out in my mind the most. I remember setting up my freshman dorm room and the leotard I wore for my ballet placements. I remember putting on my pearls for graduation and walking across the stage to receive my diploma. 
Every other day in between is a blur of wonderful experiences without a time, place, or year attached. I know there were some hard moments, but those never come to mind. It was during my four years at Boston Conservatory that my dreams came to fruition. Many of them were dreams that I did not even know I had. 
When I reflect on how I have gotten to this point in my life, I think of my constant and continuous support system from the Conservatory. Even now, two years after graduation, it is the people at Boston Conservatory and my experiences there that I depend on for guidance. 
Graduating from college and stepping out on your own can be a scary thing. Whenever I need support, I can always reflect back to a moment of clarity at the Conservatory. Sometimes I even travel back to Boston to grab a bite to eat with Kim Haack, director of external relations, or pop in to Dean of Dance Cathy Young’s office for a chat. 
I have been in love with Boston Conservatory from day one, and six years later, I am still in love with the institution, its history, and what it stands for. 
Now, as a member of the Alumni Association, I am thrilled to be more involved at the Conservatory as an alum. I want to have an impact on the institution and be a part of its bright future. It gives me extreme joy to see the Conservatory thrive along with all the people who have, are, and will be connected to the school.
My advice to any and all people affiliated with Boston Conservatory is to stay connected. The support and community you receive by being a part of such a magnificent organization is irreplaceable. I feel so lucky to forever call Boston Conservatory my home.