Student Spotlight: Akashita Pravin

Akashita Pravin's headshot

Akashita Pravin

Class of 2020 M.M., Music Education

Akashita Pravin (M.M. '20, music education) has been taking a variety of Berklee College of Music courses, participating in College ensembles, and working as a library assistant at the Stan Getz Library.

As an aspiring music educator, I understand the eternal dilemma of having to choose between the tried-and-tested pedagogies and going the contemporary route. But after having had the opportunity to experience both sides by studying jazz guitar and music production alongside opera and classical improv, this isn’t a dilemma for me anymore. My musicianship is evolving much faster because I am learning through both styles of teaching. There is not a doubt in my mind that this is the way to go to keep the future of music education relevant and, most importantly, fun. I am taking two credits of jazz guitar, serving as a bassist for the Berklee Piano Department Rhythm Section, and working as a library assistant at the Stan Getz Library, where I am also learning music production. I have also been a part of the Paramore Ensemble for a few projects.