Enrollment Requirements

Fall Enrollment

Applicants are considered for admission based on their audition results in conjunction with academic preparation and artistic and academic recommendations.

For applicants who have submitted a complete Regular Action application by the December 15 deadline, decisions for the incoming fall (September) class are announced no later than the following dates:

  • March 15 for graduate applicants
  • April 1 for all undergraduate applicants

For applicants who have submitted a complete Early Action application by the November 1 deadline, decisions for the incoming fall (September) class are announced no later than January 31.

Applicants are required to notify Boston Conservatory at Berklee regarding their intent to enroll no later than April 15 for graduate applicants and May 1 for all undergraduate applicants. This can be done by clicking "Reply to Offer" in the online acceptance letter and submitting a non-refundable online tuition deposit of $1,000 and a separate housing application deposit (if applicable) of $500.

Applications submitted after the December deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case, rolling basis and will continue until all openings are filled, or until June 1, whichever comes first.

Applying to Multiple Programs

All applicants who intend on applying to multiple degree programs within the Conservatory must submit a complete and separate application (including the application fee and supporting documents) for each program to which they are applying. If admitted to two programs, students must choose one program in which to enroll by the deposit deadline, as students are permitted to enroll in only one program at a time. Students are not permitted to pursue a minor or a double major. Applying to multiple programs will not increase an applicant's chance of admission.

Applying to Berklee and the Conservatory

Students who are interested in applying to programs at both Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory must apply to each school separately. This is because the admissions processes are different for each school and require separate audition criteria and application fees. If you are accepted to both schools, you must choose to enroll in one. You may, however, cross-register for open classes at both schools once enrolled.

Individuals have access to a diverse, yet inclusive, network of students, faculty, and alumni within the Conservatory and have access to an even greater network within the Berklee community and Boston at large. The unique structure of Boston Conservatory at Berklee allows students to gain highly personalized and specialized training at the Conservatory and also gives them the opportunity to tap into the creative resources of Berklee.

Waiting List

Boston Conservatory at Berklee maintains a waiting list for applicants to select majors. Upon notification of wait-list status, students are given a timeline that addresses their receipt of a final admission decision (and enrollment deadline, if applicable).

Readmission after Leave of Absence

Students seeking readmission after an official leave of absence of less than two semesters must contact the Registrar to re-enroll. These students are not required to complete an application or to re-audition. Students seeking readmission after an official leave of absence of more than two semesters must complete a new application and re-audition. Students seeking readmission without an official leave of absence must submit a new application and re-audition.