Your Berklee OnePass Account

Your Berklee OnePass account allows you to use one username and password to access many Berklee services. Learn more about your OnePass account.

If you are an entering student and you do not have a Berklee OnePass account, please contact the Office of Admissions at


How to set up email forwarding/an email alias:

  • If you have a email account, set up email forwarding to your account.
  • If you would like your email address to look like it is coming from a Boston Conservatory at Berklee email address, you now have the option to have your email address display as

View email transition instructions

How to migrate emails and Google Drive items:

  • If you have a Boston Conservatory Google account (, you can copy and transfer your files to your Berklee ( Google account. 

View file transfer instructions

If you need help, consult the FAQ, or visit