Contemporary Dance Spotlights

Q&A with Danny Pelzig

Faculty member Danny Pelzig knows that in the performing arts, versatility is key. He has made a career out of performing, directing, and choreographing at the highest level in theater, ballet, opera, and on the concert stage. Pelzig discusses his career, his journey back to Boston and the Conservatory, and his teaching philosophy.

Danny Pelzig Professor of Dance, Contemporary Dance
students dance on stage

Q&A with Senior Choreographer Laila Franklin

Laila Franklin (B.F.A. '19) is a senior in Boston Conservatory’s contemporary dance program whose original work, Leaving So Soon?, was recently featured in the Senior Choreographers’ Concert: Square One. Franklin discusses the inspiration behind her piece and how her Boston Conservatory experience has prepared her for a future as a dancer, choreographer, and scholar.

Laila Franklin Class of 2019 B.F.A., Contemporary Dance
Lilly Valore

Q&A with Lilly Valore

Lilly Valore (B.F.A. '19, contemporary dance), who was recently asked to speak at the Dance/USA Annual Conference about equality and representation of LGBTQ dancers in the industry, reflects on this experience.


Lilly Valore Class of 2019 B.F.A., Contemporary Dance
Alumna Lilian Balch

Q&A with Lilian Balch

Dance alumna Lilian Balch (B.F.A. '15, contemporary dance) has been a member of the Shen Wei Dance Arts company in New York City since graduating in 2015. Read about her journey as a professional dancer.

Lilian Balch Class of 2015 B.F.A., Contemporary Dance

Rosario Guillen Writes from Pharr, Texas

Dance student Rosario Guillen (B.F.A. '20) writes from the Parks and Recreation Summer Program of his hometown of Pharr, Texas, where he has spent the summer as artistic director and head choreographer for the ballet and dance program.

Rosario Guillen Class of 2020 B.F.A., Contemporary Dance
Vollick and Misty Copeland

Faculty Spotlight: Dean Vollick

Dance faculty member Dean Vollick dances with Misty Copeland in The Nutcracker (2014).

Dean Vollick Faculty, Contemporary Dance
Elijah Dillehay

Q&A with Elijah Dillehay

Dance alumnus and the 2015 Miss Boston Pride Pageant Winner Elijah Dillehay (B.F.A. '16) answers questions about dance, drag, the Conservatory, and his one wish.

Elijah Dillehay Class of 2016 B.F.A., Contemporary Dance

Q&A with Ebony Williams

Dance alumna Ebony Williams (B.F.A. '05) shares stories about her professional experiences since graduating from the Conservatory.

Ebony Williams B.F.A., Contemporary Dance
Headshot Alison Cook Beatty

Alumni Spotlight: Alison Cook Beatty

Contemporary dance alumna Alison Cook Beatty (B.F.A. '01) wins the 2015 Boston Conservatory Alumni Choreographic Commission and founds her own dance company.

Alison Cook Beatty B.F.A., Contemporary Dance
Taylor Rodman Headshot

Q&A with Taylor Rodman

Dance alumna Taylor Rodman (B.F.A. '16) shares her favorite things about studying at Boston Conservatory.

Taylor Rodman Class of 2016 B.F.A., Contemporary Dance
Holly Wilder

Alumni Spotlight: Holly Wilder

Contemporary dance alumna Holly Wilder (B.F.A. '15) shares her Conservatory experience.

Holly Wilder B.F.A., Contemporary Dance
Demetrius Burns

Alumni Spotlight: Demetrius Burns

Contemporary dance alumnus Demetrius Burns (B.F.A. '16) shares how the Conservatory inspired and shaped him as an artist.

Demetrius Burns Class of 2016 B.F.A., Contemporary Dance