Carlee Travis

General Info


Instructor of Liberal Arts

Carlee Travis joined the Conservatory in 2012 and is an instructor of liberal arts. She teaches Writing Workshop 1 and 2, Freshman Seminar, and upper-level liberal arts electives in gender studies, poetics, and cultural historiography.

In addition to teaching, Travis makes poetic and performative works that are most effectively categorized as conceptualist in nature. Most recently, she premiered a work in process, Touch Your Woman, at the Dance Complex (Cambridge, Massachusetts, January 2016). She is currently engaged in an ongoing work titled Image-Repertoire, an antidisciplinary project investigating the affective intersections of intimacy and trauma through processes of text and image appropriation and recombination. 

Travis completed graduate studies in the poetics program of the English department at the University at Buffalo, where her primary research focus was instinct-driven poetic maximalism in the work of Marianne Moore and Charles Olson. She holds a B.A. in poetics and revolutionary theory from New York University's Gallatin School. Her research and teaching interests include 20th-century and contemporary avant-garde poetics, institutional development in the realm of the avant-garde, critical theory, feminist materialism and affect studies, process-oriented and indeterminate aesthetic praxis, and the intersections of political and aesthetic theory in revolutionary and radical contexts.