Marian Yee

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Liberal Arts

For me, working with young musicians, dancers, and thespians is an exciting opportunity to experience with them how a critical engagement with the humanities can be essential to a performer’s artistic growth and development.

Marian Yee joined the Conservatory in 2006. She teaches writing and humanities courses in the Liberal Arts Department. She has taught courses in English and American literature, film studies, modernism, postcolonial studies, contemporary art, and composition. Her published works include articles on teaching composition (Composition and Resistance, 1991) and reviews of books by Asian American writers (The Forbidden Stitch: An Asian American Women's Anthology, 1989). In addition, she has a passionate interest in young-adult literature, and her article "The Disenchantment of Harry Potter" will soon be included in a volume of critical works on the Harry Potter generation. She has also delivered numerous conference papers on topics concerning the intersection of literature and modernity, nationalism, and anthropology.

Yee received her doctoral degree in English literature and languages from Rutgers University. She has taught at Rutgers University, Macalester College, San Diego State University, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She was named Outstanding Liberal Arts Faculty of the Year at Boston Conservatory in 2016, 2012, and 2007.