Autism-Friendly Performance

Autism-Friendly Performance

Each year, the conservatory stages an Autism-Friendly Performance (AFP) as one of its mainstage shows. Performances are presented with sensory-friendly adjustments to create a safe and comfortable environment. These performances are open to anyone on the autism spectrum and their families.

Age Range

All ages


Kim Haack


One annual performance


Boston Conservatory Theater, 31 Hemenway Street

What is an Autism-Friendly Performance?

Autism-Friendly Performances (AFP) are designed and intended for families with children on the autism spectrum or with other sensory issues. At these performances, the performance space is altered to provide a safe, sensory-friendly, and judgment-free environment that is welcoming for these families. AFPs are recommended for families that want to share the arts with a loved one who has a developmental disability; close teachers and advocates who are familiar with and accepting of behaviors exhibited by some individuals with autism are also welcome to attend.

To create a comfortable environment, we only sell tickets for this performance to those on the autism spectrum or who have other sensory issues and their families. You can purchase your tickets online and select your seats according to where you will feel most comfortable.

While shows are performed as written, adjustments have been made to alleviate any overly loud sounds, jarring noises and intense lighting. Special resources, such as a character guide, plot synopsis, FAQs and "Coming to the Theater" video, are available to help you decide if this show is appropriate for your family.

During the performance, Boston Conservatory provides an array of services such as a "Quiet Room" with on-site EMS, specially-trained staff to help you and your loved ones have the most comfortable and supportive experience at the theater possible. A full list of services is provided below in the FAQs.

Previous Autism-Friendly Performances

  • Oklahoma! (Theater)
  • The Pajama Game (Theater)
  • Limitless (Dance)

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Coming to the Theater Video

Sample Character Guide


Contact Kim Haack, Director of External Relations.