Immunization and Health Form

Immunization Requirements and Optional Health Form

In accordance with Massachusetts state law, Boston Conservatory at Berklee requires that undergraduate, graduate, and other visiting students (such as MEIP) demonstrate immunity to specific communicable diseases.

Prior to arriving on campus, students must submit an Immunization History Form, signed/stamped by a licensed medical provider.

  • Only the official Boston Conservatory form will be accepted, and all required immunizations must be complete. If complete immunization information is not submitted, the student will not be allowed to attend classes.
  • Students may be allowed to complete the second and/or third shot of certain immunizations upon arrival, if necessary.
  • For a medical exemption, please attach a letter from a licensed medical provider, stating that there is a medical reason why the student cannot receive each of any missing vaccinations.
  • For a religious exemption, please attach the Religious Exemption Form.
  • In order to decline the meningococcal vaccine, please review the information provided and attach the Meningococcal Waiver Form.
  • Please note that Massachusetts law does not allow for philosophical exemptions, even if signed by a medical provider.

If the Optional Health Form is submitted, Counseling and Wellness Services will contact the student in order to provide resources and support.

Please download the Immunization History Form and Optional Health Form in the language you prefer:

Immunization Record Request Form

All requests to receive a copy of a current or former student’s immunization record must be submitted through the form below. By law, immunization and other health records are kept on file for seven years. At that time, they are destroyed.

  • Please allow one to two weeks from the date this request is received for records to be sent.  
  • If your immunization records are not available, it is recommended that you contact the medical facility where you received your immunizations. You may also have immune titers performed to document immunity.
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