Career Development

Andy Chau

24 Fenway—Lower Level

Boston Conservatory at Berklee's Career Services Office provides professional career support, services, and resources to Conservatory students and alumni to prepare them for a fulfilling life and career in the arts. Services and resources include an extensive career library, presentations and workshops, individualized consultations, and interview preparation. This office also facilitates the Entrepreneurial Grant Program, which provides grants to students and alumni for unique community projects. Additionally, this office oversees the Conservatory’s Gig Services, which connects students with employment opportunities in Boston and beyond.


  • Individual consultations for resumes, biographies, cover letters, etc.
  • Membership and access to career websites
  • Interview preparation assistance
  • Class presentations and workshops
  • An extensive career library
  • On- and off-campus student employment listings
  • Internships
  • Summer festival opportunities

Gig Services

Students are given access to a listing of available gig opportunities that have been submitted by external employers looking to hire performers for such events as weddings, staged productions, festivals, and receptions. This list is monitored carefully by the Career Services Office and updated continually throughout the year.

Entrepreneurial Grant Program

The Conservatory’s Entrepreneurial Grant Program (EGP) empowers students to explore and develop their unique programmatic ideas in the arts. Sponsored by Career Support Services and the Student Government Association, the grants fund innovative, impactful performance endeavors that expand the artist’s toolkit as a performer, leader, and businessperson while fostering creative spirit.