Counseling Services

The counseling staff at Boston Conservatory and Berklee is here to support students as they define goals, develop strategies for change, realize a greater understanding of self and others, and expand personal potential. The staff is also available to help students who may be experiencing specific mental health concerns ranging from depression and anxiety to trauma, sexual assault, substance use concerns, disordered eating, self-injury, suicidality, and psychosis.

Any concern a student has is regarded as important and treated with respect. Counselors are sensitive to issues of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, physical capacities, and learning differences.

All counseling services are included in the comprehensive fee that full-time students pay.

How to Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, students can contact Counseling Services by calling the front desk at 617-747-2310, or emailing us at and asking to schedule an initial assessment. Initial assessments are generally scheduled within two weeks and last about 30 minutes. During the initial assessment, the student's current needs are assessed and a determination of next steps is reached. Some students benefit from seeing a therapist on campus, and others benefit from getting a referral for treatment outside of Counseling Services. Regardless of the outcome, we are committed to supporting students as they work through the challenges that bring them to Counseling Services.

Counseling Hours

We have morning, afternoon, and evening availability Monday through Friday. Appointments can be scheduled as early as 8 a.m. and as late as 7:00 p.m. 

Emergency Appointments

A student experiencing a mental health emergency during normal business hours can call Counseling Services at 617-747-2310, or visit the Counseling and Advising Center on the third floor of 939 Boylston Street and ask to speak with the on-call counselor. The on-call counselor will meet with the student as soon as possible.

Counseling Services

  • Assessment and referral
  • Individual counseling or psychotherapy
  • Consultation to the community
  • After-hours counseling support
  • Online mental health screenings
  • Education materials
  • Interactive programming
  • Workshops
  • Free online mental health screening

Description of Services

Assessment and Referral

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

Consultation to the Community

After-Hours Counseling Support

Online Mental Health Screenings

Education Materials

Interactive Programming and Workshops


Confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance for counseling services. All counseling sessions will be kept confidential, and no information will be revealed to anyone outside of Counseling and Wellness without the written consent of the student receiving services, unless it’s required by law.

If a student is judged to be a danger to self and/or others, or if minors, elderly, or persons with disabilities are being abused or neglected, legal and ethical standards will require the counseling staff to break confidentiality as to protect for the people involved.

A detailed notice of privacy practices and other limits to confidentiality is reviewed as part of every initial counseling appointment and is available upon request.