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Refer to the alerts page to find public-safety alerts and information on school closings, class cancellations, the status of the campus, and more.

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Over the past 60 years, Berklee has developed into a world-renowned institution in the heart of a world-class city. Being situated in one of America's most historic and dynamic cities presents students, faculty,and staff with the prospects of a vast array of cultural, academic, and athletic offerings.

Yet while Boston abounds with opportunities to experience life in a vibrant environment, an urban setting always has the potential for unsafe conditions or situations. With this in mind, Berklee's Public Safety Department is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for the study of music. In keeping with that goal, Berklee continually revises existing policies and procedures to reflect today's security and safety issues.

While we are dedicated to maintaining our campus as a safe, secure, and welcoming place to live and learn, a truly safe environment can only be achieved with everyone's active participation in the process. Put more clearly, public safety is everyone's responsibility, so the entire community must do their part in order to achieve the safest possible environment.

We know that our internal community education and awareness efforts make a significant difference in providing a broad range of security and comfort for our community.