Student Conduct Policies


Students enrolling in Boston Conservatory at Berklee assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the schools function as an educational institution. As a result, reasonable policies, procedures, and regulations have been developed to guarantee each student’s freedom to learn and to protect the fundamental rights of others.

Each student’s attitude and deportment must conform to standards inherently necessary to advance the educational process. Failure to observe these standards may result in referral of a student’s behavior to the Office of Community Standards and Conflict Resolution for appropriate determination. If a student does not respond to the request to meet with the Office of Community Standards and Conflict Resolution or designee, a restriction is placed on the student’s record, thereby preventing access to transcripts, diploma or degree, grades, registration, course add and drop, and other institutional  activities, including graduation. The restriction is not removed until the student meets with a conduct officer  and an outcome appropriate to the nature of the unacceptable behavior is determined.  Depending on the nature of the unacceptable behavior, the consequences could range from a disciplinary warning up to and including suspension or dismissal from the institution . Students who fail to comply with the regulations of Boston Conservatory at Berklee may be dismissed from the institution  at any time with no reimbursement of fees.

Student Code of Community Standards

As an institution of higher education, Boston Conservatory at Berklee provides academic programs within an environment that enhances students’ professional and personal development, preserves the rights of individuals and organized groups, and encourages individuality while affirming a commitment to the community dimensions of campus life. Boston Conservatory at Berklee endeavors to provide a living and learning environment in which students can meet their creative, artistic, and personal goals. All members of the community are responsible for preserving an environment conducive to the pursuit of the institution’s mission and programs.

By enrolling in Boston Conservatory at Berklee, students accept the responsibility to become fully acquainted with the institution’s regulations, to comply with the institution’s policies and authority, to respect the rights and property of others, and to recognize that student actions reflect upon the students involved as well as upon the entire community. Berklee also exists in a larger society, and therefore, local, commonwealth, and federal laws will be upheld. Additionally, Boston Conservatory at Berklee strives to be a good neighbor and recognizes the importance of maintaining amicable relations with local residents and businesses. Therefore, students should be aware that the jurisdiction of the institution  extends beyond the physical boundaries of the campus. Activities that harm the reputation of the institution, cause problems for members of the greater community, or suggest that an individual may pose a threat to others will result in disciplinary action. Being a Boston Conservatory at Berklee student is a privilege, and with that privilege comes the expectation that students will uphold the standards and values set forth by the institution and will conduct themselves as individuals who contribute positively to the campus community.

The institution determines, publishes, and makes known its rules and regulations concerning the standards of conduct in the Student Code of Community Standards. These regulations should be read broadly and are not designed to define prohibited conduct in exhaustive terms.  The Vice President for Student Affairs, Diversity, and Inclusion is designated by the Berklee President to be responsible for the administration of the Student Code of Community Standards.

We expect each student and officially recognized student organization at Berklee to read, understand, and uphold the standards of conduct outlined in this and other official  communications to students.  In addition, unfamiliarity with institution  policies will not exempt any persons or groups from the conduct process. The institution  will take appropriate disciplinary action for any conduct that violates the Student Code of Community Standards, whether such conduct occurs on- or off-campus or online. The Student Code of Community Standards is generally reviewed on a bi-annual basis with input from students. We encourage you to share with institution officials and the Student Government Association ideas and concerns regarding these policies and their implications.

To review the complete Student Code of Community Standards, please visit Berklee's Community Standards and Conflict Resolution page.