Tuition and Fees

2016–2017 Academic Year

Please see below for tuition and fees for Boston Conservatory at Berklee for 2016-2017. Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Board of Trustees.

Key Dates

Summer Session I 2016 (M.F.A.)

  • June 6: Payment Due Date

Summer Session II 2016 (Music Education)

  • June 17: Payment Due Date

Fall Semester 2016

  • August 1: Payment Due Date

Spring Semester 2017

  • January 16: Payment Due Date

Accounts not paid in full or funded by other approved source by the payment due date are subject to a $200 late payment fee.  

If you have questions about your statement, or if you would like more information about a transaction on your bill, please contact the Bursar.

Tuition and Fees Schedule

Degree Awarded Full Time Part Time
(per credit hour)
(per credit hour)
B.M. $41,560 $1,670 $1,670
Applied Lesson - $1,950 (a) -
Applied Concentrates $1,950 (b) $1,950 (a) -
B.F.A., Dance $41,560 $1,670 $1,670
B.F.A., Musical Theater $41,560 $1,670 $1,670
Applied Lesson or Musical Theater Rep, Full Hour $1,950 (c) $1,950 (a) -
B.F.A., Contemporary Theater $41,560 $1,670 $1,670
M.M., Composition and Performance $41,560 $2,230 $2,230
Applied Lesson - $1,950 (a) -
Applied Concentrates $1,950 (b) $1,950 (a) -
M.M., Opera Performance $41, 560 (c) $2,230 $2,230
M.F.A., Musical Theater      
Fall and Spring $41,560 $2,230 $2,230
Applied Lesson or Musical Theater Rep, Full Hour $1,950 (d) $1,950 (a) -
Summer - $1,670 -
M.M., Contemporary Music Performance $41,560 $2,230 $2,230
Applied Lesson - $1,950 (a) -
Applied Concentrates $1,950 (b) $1,950 (a) -
M.M., Music Education - $1,670 (e) -
Life Experience Waiver - $840 per credit -
Vocal Pedagogy Workshop - $190 per course -
Practicum Fee, In-State (f) - $430 per course -
Graduate Performance Diploma $25,170 $2,230 $2,230
Graduate Peformance Diploma, Opera $25,170 $2,230 $2,230
Graduate Performance Diploma, Opera (g) $41,560 $2,230 $2,230
Artist Diploma in Performance $25,170 $2,230 $2,230
Professional Studies Certificate $25,170 - -
Remedial, ESL, and Audit Courses - (h) $840 $840 (h)
(a) If a student enrolls part-time, these courses are billable at a special rate of $1,950 per credit.
(b) These courses are billable over and above full-time tuition. All composition majors, as well as M.M., Choral Conducting, and M.M., Orchestral Conducting, may take applied concentrates twice at no charge. M.M., Collaborative Piano, may take applied concentrates four times at no charge.
(c) Students repeat MU 638 Vocal Coaching one time. Additional repeats of MU 638 are billable at a special rate of $1,950 per credit.
(d) These courses are offered in both a half-hour and full-hour format. The half-hour format is included in full-time tuition. The full-hour format is billable at a special rate of $1,950 per course, per semester.
(e) Music education program bills per credit, regardless of enrollment status. 
(f) Fee is assessed in addition to tuition for practicum courses. If out of state practicum is permitted, there will be an additional fee.
(g) Students who matriculated in 2015 or earlier, prior to changes to curricular changes.
(h) No charge if taken within full-time credit limit. Billable over and above credit limit.


Mandatory Fees

fee type full time part time
Mandatory Comprehensive Fee    
Fall and Spring $2,300 Prorated based on credit load
Summer, Less than 5 Credits $340  
Summer, 5 Credits or More $690  
Medical Insurance, Undergraduate $2,109  
Medical Insurance, Graduate $2,109  

(1) Applies to full-time and 3/4-time students who have not completed an online waiver providing proof of comparable medical insurance.

(2) Applies to students who waive the school's medical insurance plan and whose permanent address is outside of the United States.


Housing and Meal Plan Fees

(Upperclassmen housing is subject to availability.)
fee type ANNUAL        PER SEMESTER
Housing Reservation Deposit (3) $250  
Residence Hall Damage Deposit (4) $200  
  Annual Per Semester
Room $11,700 $5,850
Single-Room Surcharge $1,500 $750
Meal Plans for Resident Students Annual Per Semester
265 meals per semester mandatory
(For residential freshmen, includes 10 guest passes)
$6,300 $3,150
Meal Plans for Off-Campus Students Annual Per Semester
210 meals per semester $4,736 $2,368
150 meals per semester $3,434 $1,717
75 meals per semester $1,744 $872
25 meals per semester $584 $292
(3) Required for new and returning residential students. The non-refundable deposit is applied against balance.
(4) Refundable at the termination of occupancy under conditions described in the Residence Hall Handbook.
(5) Open to upperclassmen only.
(6) To be billed at $5,500 per billing cycle. Summer expense is generally not financial-aid eligible unless enrolled at least half time over the summer. Please ask Financial Aid Office about using aid for the summer. 



Other Fees

fee type FEE AMOUNT
Enrollment Deposit $500
Late Payment Fee $200
Returned Check Charge $30
Instrument Breakage Deposit $200
Late Registration Fee $100
Official Transcript Fee (7) $5
Replacement ID $20

(7) Plus applicable shipping charges.