Liberal Arts Faculty

Artistic training at Boston Conservatory is complemented by a rich liberal arts education. Powerful artists are virtuosos who need strong interpretive skills informed by a thoughtful understanding of the world. Liberal arts courses are custom-crafted to the Conservatory’s unique performing arts environment, using texts, film, museum visits, and life experience to develop analytical thinking and cross-cultural, interdisciplinary awareness.

Beginning with the intensive Writing Workshop sequence in the freshman year, the liberal arts curriculum is designed to educate and nurture students as writing and thinking artists. The upper-level, elective-driven program, including courses ranging from creative writing workshops to seminars in neuroscience and critical theory—drawing from the disciplinary methodologies of the Arts & Humanities, the Social Sciences, and Math & Science—provides the academic freedom necessary for students to take ownership of their education. The breadth of course offerings, combined with opportunities for in-depth study in areas of particular interest or skill, facilitates the seamless integration of academic and artistic pursuits, and prepares students to enter careers in the performing arts in the 21st century.

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