Gammons currently teaches introduction to theater for freshmen and senior musical theater majors with an acting emphasis.

Among Gammons’ most recent directing projects include the ​w​orld ​premiere of​ ​Necessary Monsters, and the New England premieres of The Whale, The Motherfucker with the Hat (2013 Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Production), Red (2012 Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Production), and Blackbird at SpeakEasy Stage Company, to name a few.

In December 2014 dance faculty member Dean Vollick performed as Uncle Drosselmeyer with American Ballet Theatre soloist Misty Copeland (Sugar Plum Fairy) in the New England Dance Ensemble production of The Nutcracker. Vollick teaches ballet courses in the Conservatory's contemporary dance program.

What is contemporary theater?

Contemporary theater acknowledges the histories of each genre of performance and then looks for unexpected collisions between those genres.

What is ensemble?

An intensely focused way of working together with others without having to say a word.

Why theater, now?

It is one of the most provocative ways to share a story and inspire change.

What are you most passionate about?

The body as instrument for all emotions.

What is contemporary theater?

Contemporary theater is present; it's happening right now. It's a way of engaging in the world around us, reflecting on where we've come from, and looking ahead to the future of our art.

What is ensemble?

Ensemble is defined as a group of artists working towards a shared artistic goal. Ensemble is about the whole, as opposed to the singular performer. Ensemble is about allowing yourself to both affect and be affected by those around you.