Music and English Intensive Program (MEIP)

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2018 Sessions

Summer: July 9-August 17
Fall I: TBD
Fall II: TBD

About the Program

The Music and English Intensive Program (MEIP) is an English-as-a-second-language (ESL) program for performing artists. Participants can improve their English skills while they study with Boston Conservatory teachers. Whether participants intend to study at a conservatory in the U.S. and need to improve their TOEFL score, or just want to keep up with their artistic study while learning English intensively, this program is ideal. The program offers:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL): ESL courses cover the four major skill areas in the English language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing; grammar is included in all areas. These classes give students many chances to communicate in English, and the Conservatory's experienced teachers provide much support throughout the program. Homework, reading, and class activities in MEIP will also be related to music, giving students the vocabulary and knowledge needed to communicate effectively in English about music. ESL classes meet for 18 hours each week.
  • Performing Arts: MEIP allows students to continue their artistic study while learning English. Students will have weekly lessons with a Boston Conservatory private teacher and participate in other artistic and academic experiences. These experiences vary by session but may include: chamber music, master classes, workshops, improvisation, and Alexander Technique, among others.

MEIP is offered in 6-week sessions throughout the year. Students can choose to attend one or more sessions according to their needs. If planning to enroll in a degree program in the U.S., students should discuss their needs with the program director to ensure that they receive enough English training to succeed in a U.S. academic setting.

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Who Should Apply

MEIP is open to all students who:

  • Have completed their secondary (high school) studies
  • Have a strong interest in performing arts (students must provide their own instruments as appropriate)
  • Are looking to improve their English proficiency

We recommend that students already have basic abilities in English so that they can conduct basic tasks and understand instructions from their teachers.

Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition and Books: $4,500
  • Housing and Meals (Summer Session only, estimate): $4,500
  • Medical Insurance (estimate only): $300

Students who take advantage of the housing and meal plan during the summer session enjoy on-campus housing in the Conservatory’s historical brownstones and the many offerings of the Berklee cafeteria, just down the street.

Choosing Sessions

Learning a language takes time, especially for students planning to study for a degree in a foreign language. Students should think carefully about their objectives and how English will help meet their goals. The MEIP program director can help students choose the appropriate amount of time to focus on developing English skills. It is important to remember that B.M. and M.M. degree programs in the U.S. require a considerable amount of academic writing, with significant research.

Individuals who applied for a degree or diploma program for the fall semester and received a TOEFL iBT score of 55 or higher are invited to join MEIP Summer Session II.  At the end of the six-week program, students will take a test to determine if they qualify to begin a degree or diploma program in the following fall semester.

Individuals who applied for a degree or diploma program and received a TOEFL iBT score of 54 or below are advised to attend MEIP for at least two consecutive sessions in order to qualify for a degree or diploma program. Students will also need to take a test at the end of the MEIP semester and earn a passing score. While students are strongly encouraged to come to both MEIP summer sessions to improve their chances of qualifying for a fall semester degree or diploma program, students with weaker English skills may still need additional language study beyond the summer sessions. The MEIP program director can help students create an appropriate plan for their studies.

Academic Credit

MEIP is a non-degree program. There is no transfer of credit from MEIP to a Boston Conservatory degree program. Enrollment in MEIP also does not guarantee acceptance to a Boston Conservatory degree program.


On-campus housing in a Boston Conservatory dormitory is available during the summer MEIP sessions only. There is no on-campus housing available for MEIP students during the fall session. Students living on campus must purchase a meal plan. If students would like to live in an off-campus apartment, they must make their own housing arrangements. The Conservatory will provide information to help find a place to live, but students must decide where they would like to live, and they will have to sign their own apartment contract or lease.


All international students must have a proper visa to study in the U.S. Boston Conservatory can issue the immigration form “I-20” to help students apply for an F1 student visa. To receive an I-20, please provide all of the required documents with your program registration.  Once your file is complete and you have paid your deposit, an I-20 will be issued and sent to you.

Estimated Expenses for I-20 Purposes
Type of expense Cost per session
Tuition $4,500
Housing and Meals $4,500*
Medical Insurance $350
Incidental Expenses $500
Total Estimated Cost $9,850

*Based on on-campus housing costs. Students living off campus may pay less, but this amount must still be used for the certification of finances for the I-20.

The U.S. government requires that all students applying for an F1 visa pay a $200 fee (called the I-901 or “SEVIS” fee) before scheduling an appointment at the U.S. consulate for their visa interview. When we send your I-20 to you, we will give you more information about paying this fee and applying for an F1 visa.