As the first college in the nation to have an integrated department of ballet and modern dance, Boston Conservatory continues to be a leader in dance training with what is widely considered the best contemporary dance program in the U.S.

Dance at Boston Conservatory

As the nation’s only interdisciplinary conservatory with dance, music, opera, and theater, Boston Conservatory offers you a truly unique learning environment with rich opportunities not only to excel in standard performance mediums, such as orchestral and chamber music, but also to collaborate with singers, dancers, and actors in creating the cutting-edge works of tomorrow.

Music at Boston Conservatory

Every day, Boston Conservatory at Berklee alumni are making headlines for their work on and off Broadway, on television, in film, and behind the scenes. That's because our nationally acclaimed musical theater program offers exemplary “triple-threat” training that prepares you for any role on any stage. Meanwhile, our groundbreaking new contemporary theater program offers conservatory-level training in this rapidly growing genre.

Theater at Boston Conservatory
Students in a class

Liberal Arts

Artistic training at Boston Conservatory at Berklee is complemented by a rich liberal arts education. Powerful artists are virtuosos who need strong interpretive skills informed by a thoughtful understanding of the world and their position within it. The Conservatory’s liberal arts courses are custom-crafted to the Conservatory’s unique performing arts environment, using texts, film, museum visits, and life experience to develop analytical thinking and cross-cultural, interdisciplinary awareness. Liberal arts courses allow students to balance intellect with imagination and creativity, while challenging themselves to think in new ways. Debate current events, and explore the classics in a wide array of unqiue hybrid courses.

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