"It was amazing to see how many people were giving because they know it goes to scholarships, facilities, and faculty..."—Phonathon caller Kiara. Read more about Kiara's experience below!

About Phonathon

Students attending Boston Conservatory at Berklee today will shape their fields tomorrow—and our supportive community of alumni, parents, and friends make this possible.

Twice annually, a team of current students call Conservatory alumni, families, and supporters for their support. The phonathon is important because it:

  • Connects Conservatory alumni, families, and friends with current students

  • Is a way to learn about what’s happening on campus

  • Helps the school learn what our alumni are doing and where they are now

  • Raises financial support for vital on-campus programs, including scholarships

If you receive a call from the Conservatory, please take a moment to speak with an aspiring artist. Callers want to hear about your connection with the school and why the arts are important to you.  

Take Action

  • Alumni, you can update your contact information and share what you’re doing now by visiting

  • Support the Annual Fund in any amount and make this life-changing educational experience possible for deserving students.

Thank you for being a champion of the arts. We could not be more grateful.

Giving through the Phonathon is an opportunity for alumni, families, and friends of Boston Conservatory at Berklee to provide financial support to the Conservatory each year. When you make a gift to the Annual Fund for the Conservatory through the Phonathon, you are demonstrating your support of higher education and the arts by investing in students of the Conservatory.

When does the Phonathon take place?

The Phonathon runs twice a year, usually in the fall and spring. 

How can I help with the Phonathon?

You can always help by simply picking up the phone and talking to the student about his or her education and career. Please consider donating to help all students pursue their education.



Q&A with Kiara, Phonathon Caller

Q: You were a Phonathon caller this past fall. What made you decide to sign up again?

It was so valuable to talk with alumni, hear how they are doing and how much they love the Conservatory—then to share my own experience! It was just so positive, and people are so willing to give to something that we all believe in and are so passionate about.

Q: What was your first call like?

I wasn’t sure how the people I called would react, but I was amazed that a lot of the parents were interested in hearing about how I’m doing, and wanted to know about what’s going on at school. They shared stories about their kids, and how they don’t call home enough! All of the callers love the school and love their experience here.

Q: What was it like when the time came to ask for a gift?

It’s definitely hard because you know that everyone has different financial situations, but it was amazing to see how many people were giving because they know it goes to scholarships, facilities, and faculty, and it’s something you can do that will be positive for the entire community.

Q: What really stuck with you from your conversations?

Hearing from alumni who have chosen a different path was very interesting. They all said that they gained life experience from BoCo. It is such a specific education, but that they learned so much more than technique. Because of what they learned here, they are doing well, no matter what field they are in now.