Executive Director's Advisory Council

The Executive Director's Advisory Council (EDAC) is a distinguished group of friends of the Conservatory, former board members, potential board members, alumni, parents, and members of the performing arts industry and beyond. EDAC members advise the executive director on strategy and key initiatives for the Conservatory, as well as establish relationships with individuals who can advance the mission of the institution and support its philanthropic priorities.

We are grateful for the service and generosity of our 2022–2023 EDAC members:

Teresa Koster, Chair
Anne N. Cuervo, Vice Chair
Howard H. Bengele, Ph.D.
Elizabeth S. Boveroux
Frederic D. Carter, III
Davi-Ellen Chabner
Caroline McMillan Collings
Diana Dohrmann '71
Miles A. Fish, III '63
Kate Sides Flather
John S. Foster
Jennifer A. Fraser
Mimi Hewlett
Sophie Kornowski
B. J. Krintzman
Laura D. Kunkemueller
Ricardo Lewitus, M.D.
Michele Manganaro
Dr. Lyle J. Micheli
Brendan Murphy
Christopher D. Perry
Philip J. Poinelli
Xiaohang Quan
Wanda Reindorf
Geraldine R. Ricci
Anthony Richardson
Warren A. Seamans
Tricia Swift
Ann Connolly Tolkoff
Rosamond B. Vaule
Peter J. Wender
Amy K. Wertheim
Edward G. Wertheim
Tania Zouikin

List as of September 2022