Audition Process

Boston Conservatory at Berklee requires an audition and/or interview for all applicants, depending on your major. Once your application is submitted, you may be invited via email to register for your audition. Select majors require a pre-screen recording or portfolio by the application deadline in order to be considered for a live audition. If your major requires a pre-screen, you must first submit your pre-screen materials by the deadline in order to be considered for a live audition. Undergraduate applicants must also complete an online interview in addition to their live audition. Details will be emailed to you upon registration of your audition.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to audition in person at the Conservatory whenever possible. The Conservatory recognizes, however, that travel can be costly and offers alternatives in the form of regional and recorded auditions. These are only available for certain majors. Please view the following audition requirements and dates for details.

Audition Dates and Locations

Audition Requirements

Audition requirements vary by your performance area. Please carefully review audition requirements and note any special instructions for your field of study, including whether your program requires a pre-screen.

Dance  |  Music  |  Theater

Pre-Screen and Recorded Auditions

All pre-screen and recorded auditions are submitted online by the deadline. Boston Conservatory at Berklee accepts recorded auditions in lieu of a live audition for select majors only. Instructions on how to submit pre-screen and recorded auditions will be sent to you after your application is submitted.

  • Dance applicants are strongly encouraged to audition live. Recorded auditions are permitted but discouraged.
  • Music applicants are welcome to audition by recording, unless a live audition is required. Find out if your major requires a pre-screen or permits recorded auditions by viewing the audition requirements for your instrument. Applicants should prepare the same audition requirements as for the live auditions, except as noted.
  • Theater applicants are not permitted to audition by recording, with exceptions made for international students and select cases.

Regional Auditions

Boston Conservatory at Berklee holds audition tours for dance, musical theater, contemporary theater and select music majors only. An audition panel of faculty representatives will be present at a number of audition sites around the country. Please view the audition dates for audition locations available for your major. Regional auditions are considered live auditions and weighted equally to auditions performed on-campus.