Graduate Programs at Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Boston Conservatory at Berklee offers a number of dynamic programs for musicians and theater artists who want to pursue an advanced degree. Thoughtfully designed to accommodate a creative lifestyle, these programs allow students to focus on defining their artistry while forging their career paths. 

Master of Fine Arts

The terminal degree for theater, Boston Conservatory offers a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) program for musical theater vocal pedagogy, which requires an undergraduate degree.

Master of Music

Once completing an undergraduate degree in music, students can earn a Master of Music in several areas of concentration, including brass, strings, piano, woodwinds, voice, and opera, collaborative piano, composition, conducting, music education, and vocal pedagogy. 

Graduate Performance Diploma  

The Graduate Performance Diploma (G.P.D.) is a 20-credit program designed for musicians who have completed an undergraduate degree and want to gain more practical performance experience before pursuing an advanced degree or their career. The G.P.D. is an excellent choice for those seeking concentrated performance training without the amount of academic coursework required in a master's program. Because the G.P.D. program is designed to maximize students' time performing and minimize their time in the classroom, students entering the program are expected to be strong performers and well versed in their knowledge of music. 

Performance Diploma 

The Professional Studies Certificate (P.S.C.) is a 15-credit program for advanced musicians who want to spend a year focused exclusively on performance. This specialized program provides high-level training for students who have completed their bachelor's degree, and want to continue honing their artistry through a year of intensive performance. As the P.S.C. program emulates a professional musician’s schedule, the curriculum does not include classroom work so that students may dedicate their full attention to auditioning, rehearsing, performing, and professional networking.

Artist Diploma 

The Artist Diploma (A.D.) is Boston Conservatory's most prestigious performance program, focused almost exclusively on personalized training and mentorship. Due to the program’s highly specialized nature, it is selective and available only by invitation. The program is designed as a 20-credit (or two-year) experience.

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