Vision and Values

As a performing arts conservatory, we acknowledge that conservatory education has historically been focused on Western classicism, an aesthetic tradition that has prioritized the work of white, male, European figures. Boston Conservatory at Berklee is committed to radically reinventing this educational model through curricular and programmatic innovation that contextualizes Western classicism within a global framework, immerses our students in a wide range of artistic and aesthetic languages, engages them in understanding performing arts as cultural documents, and ensures equitable racial, ethnic, gender, and LGBTQ+ representation at every level of our institution. 

The vision for the future of Boston Conservatory is centered around our goal of nurturing the artists, leaders, change makers, and culture creators of our collective future. Essential to this vision is a richly diverse educational environment where students engage with and celebrate a plurality of perspectives and experiences. Boston Conservatory’s complete reinvention of conservatory education will model for the world what an innovative, contemporary performing arts education should be—with diversity in all its forms as the foundation for artistic exploration and excellence.