Empowering Students to Build a World They Want to Live In

Assistant Professor of Orchestral Studies and Contemporary Music Vimbayi Kaziboni reflects on his passion for preparing his students for the professional world.

March 20, 2023

This year, Vimbayi Kaziboni has been energized by exciting international projects with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Philharmonic, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, and Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. “At their core, these projects explore the intersection of music, nature, and science in a way that also reveals the state of the human condition in an ever-technological and an ever-globalizing world,” he says. These are intensive experiences that feed his work in the classroom:

“In both my professional work and my teaching, I focus on presence, allowing my experiences from both arenas to influence each other—bringing the lessons from my professional experiences to the classroom and bringing my pedagogical approach and philosophy to the rehearsal hall and the stage.”

Kaziboni is passionate about preparing his students for the professional world by helping them understand what to anticipate at the advent of their professional careers. “I nurture an imagination for how they might envision their artistic roles and contributions to the field when they enter the world,” he says. “I encourage them to delve deep into their art and pursue their passions to their extent in these formative years. To quote [indie rock band] Troubled Hubble: ‘What inspires you should entire you. Live how you want to be loved.’ I want students to also feel empowered to help build a world that they want to live in.”