STAGES Magazine: Winter 2020 Call for Submissions

Still accepting submissions—email your piece to

Theme: Rising to the Moment

The winter 2020 edition of STAGES is centered around the theme of rising to the moment. As such, the Conservatory is dedicating this entire issue to elevating community member reflections on this unprecedented time in our collective history. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are encouraged to share—in their own voice—how they are, processing, engaging with, and learning from the pandemic, racial, social, and environmental justice movements, the upcoming presidential election,  and of course, how the performing arts—and you as artist-citizens—are adapting and responding to these times.

We are still accepting an array of different content types (see below) and submissions should be sent to as soon as possible for publication consideration. Please see “What to Submit” and “Topic Ideas” below.

What to Submit

The winter issue of STAGES will be distributed electronically to more than 8,000 community members and supporters before the new year. Because this online format allows us—for the first time ever—to utilize digital media in our magazine, we are accepting written submissions as well as video or audio recordings. For your submission, consider: 

  • a short essay or reflection (700 words or less);
  • a personal statement (1–5 sentences);
  • an original poem, in any format;
  • a quote that resonates with you, and a short explanation of why;
  • an audio or video recording of a relevant moderated discussion that you participated in;
  • an audio recording or video performance, relating to the STAGES theme; or
  • an image or graphic you created. 

Submissions must be related to the theme of this issue to be considered for publication. Explore topic ideas below.

Topic Ideas

We are interested in hearing from you on any of the following topics:

  • COVID-19
    • What is it like living, learning, teaching, and creating in the time of COVID-19?
    • What has challenged you?
    • What has surprised you?
    • What have you discovered?
    • How, if at all, has this changed your thinking and approach, or your artistic identity?
  • Racial, Social, and Environmental Justice
    • How are you processing and/or engaging with racial, LGBTQ+, environmental, and other social justice movements?
    • What role do the arts play in social activism?
    • What is the responsibility of the artist?
  • The Performing Arts
    • How is this moment changing the performing arts? 
    • What could the future look like?
    • What aspects of remote and virtual performance and learning do you think will remain in a post-COVID world?
If this list has sparked another idea that you would like to explore, email to see if STAGES is the right fit.

How to Submit

If you would like to submit a piece, please email it to