Bachelor of Music in Brass Performance


Program Overview

Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s brass performance program provides students with a strong foundation in traditional and standard repertoire for brass instruments, while offering many opportunities to explore contemporary, commercial, and emerging styles and techniques.

The program is designed for students to develop technical command of their chosen instrument, as well as the performance and collaborative skills essential to thriving in today's music industry. For example, by performing and rehearsing with various ensembles each semester, students experience a professional performance schedule while becoming comfortable in a wide range of genres and styles.  

Throughout their Conservatory experience, students are mentored by esteemed faculty members who perform regularly with regional and international organizations. Providing valuable professional insight and guidance, the faculty motivates students to refine their artistic abilities and explore diverse opportunities as they forge their future careers.

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Our Students

Students who flourish in the Conservatory’s brass performance program are curious about learning new styles and brass performance techniques. They aspire to be versatile musicians, experts not only in classical repertoire, but in new repertoire as well. They are committed to personal and artistic growth, and appreciate collaboration.

Core Curriculum

The first two years of the undergraduate brass program are designed to help students develop a critical understanding of music theory and history, and their own musical and technical abilities. Students will learn techniques for breathing, sight reading, and practicing effectively on their own. They will also begin to strengthen their performance skills by participating in symphonic orchestras, dance, theater, and opera production orchestras, and chamber ensembles. As a result, students become intimately familiar with a wide range of repertoire for brass instruments, from classical to contemporary to musical theater, and with every style in between.

In their final two years of study, brass performance students deepen their understanding of technique through courses in brass pedagogy and continued private study with their studio teacher. At this time, students may also explore specialty areas through the various electives offered at the Conservatory and Berklee College of Music, such as film studies, arts journalism, and career skills. Additionally, students perform degree recitals that highlight the skills they have developed during their time at the Conservatory, including performance technique, mastery of various genres and styles, and refined artistry.

Your Future

Alumni of the Conservatory’s brass performance program enjoy full-time careers performing with emerging and renowned ensembles, teaching at private studios, and servings as arts administrators at esteemed organizations across the country, including:


  • Atlantic Brass Quintet
  • Boston Ballet Orchestra 
  • Boston Landmarks Orchestra
  • Montreal Symphony Orchestra
  • Symphony New Hampshire
  • Synergy Brass Quintet
  • Triton Brass Quintet

Arts Administration

  • Boston Pops Orchestra
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra 

How to apply

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