Announcing the 2024 Issue of STAGES Magazine: Future Proof

This issue takes a deep dive into how a Boston Conservatory education lays the foundation for “future proof” skills that allow our graduates to boldly navigate change while holding firmly to their identity as artists. 

February 27, 2024

What is it about a Boston Conservatory at Berklee education that lays the foundation for success in the performing arts and beyond? 

Anyone who has studied at Boston Conservatory knows that the answer goes deeper than mastery of one’s chosen art form. While most of our alums have built vibrant careers within the performing arts, others are thriving as technologists, doctors, teachers, politicians, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and as multihyphenate professionals. 

The 2024 issue of STAGES takes a deep dive into what it is about a Conservatory education that equips students with “future proof” skills that form the core of one’s individual identity and sense of purpose in the world.

Issue highlights:

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