Bringing Lessons From the Stage to the Classroom

Assistant Professor of Theater Ramone Owens shares how he brings his vast real-world expertise into the classroom.

March 20, 2023

Ramone Owens, a Boston Conservatory alum, has enjoyed a successful career as a performer and a choreographer with many national and regional Broadway and off-Broadway tours, including an ensemble role in the original company of Beetlejuice the Musical. More recently, for the past two years, he was part of the developmental process of the Broadway production of Some Like It Hot. “It’s exciting to see this show go from conception to production,” he says. “The music is great, the dancing is phenomenal, and there is new life in a show that has been known and loved for a while.”

That new life and vitality is exactly what he’s bringing from the stage to the classroom at Boston Conservatory:

“As a teacher, I try to create an environment that parallels the pace, rigor, and joy that I have found in my performance career.”

He explains, “Hard work is paramount, and one must hold oneself accountable.” He continually challenges his students to take responsibility for their education accordingly. “In life, nothing will be handed to you,” says Owens. “Technique and hard work will sustain you. Take care of your body, stay in good practice, and always try to be better than you were the day before.”