Conservatory Dance Student to Present Research to the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science

April 27, 2015

Boston Conservatory student Emily Richards (B.F.A. ’15, Contemporary Dance) has been selected to present her research study, “Benefits of a Dance Specific Plyometric Training Program on Landing Biomechanics and Muscle Strength,” at the annual International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) conference in October 2015.

Richards’ research study was one of the few selected from a large number of applications worldwide. She will be giving a short lecture describing her research, methodology, and results at the conference, and her abstract will be published in the IADMS 2015 Annual Meeting Abstract Book.

Richards’ interest in dance medicine and science began in high school, where she was a part of an award-winning science research program in her hometown of Ossining, NY. During her sophomore year at the Conservatory, she began to develop the idea of researching a specifically designed jump-training program for dancers as her senior project. With the help of the Conservatory’s on site physical therapist, Susan Kinney (PT), she created a 5-week plyometric strength-training program to aid in the prevention of dance related injuries. Richards’ research showed that all participants had increased muscle strength and a better execution of proper landing techniques from pre to post implementation of her program. She hopes that this research will contribute to the unique body of knowledge of dance medicine and will assist in further developing dance injury prevention programs.

Upon graduating from Boston Conservatory, Richards plans to continue to pursue dance science and research, in addition to performing.

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