PODCAST: Inside Berklee—Michael Shinn

October 18, 2017 Andrea Di Cocco

Acclaimed classical pianist, educator, arts advocate, and entrepreneur Michael Shinn joined Boston Conservatory at Berklee in August 2017 as dean of music. Raised in a musical family that valued education, Shinn's passion for performance and spirit of innovation has led him down a multifaceted career path that includes concert performance, entrepreneurship, and arts administration.

Shinn's mission at the Conservatory is to refresh music program curricula, establish digital learning resources for students, and build collaborative projects and partnerships designed to teach musicians the real-world, entrepreneurial skills needed to thrive in today's music scene.

In this episode of Inside Berklee, Shinn talks about today's classical music landscape; key skills that every modern day musician needs to be build a career in the arts; what he hopes to achieve as the Conservatory's new dean of music; and how the merger with Berklee distinguishes and advances the Conservatory's excellence in music training.