Q&A with Hannah Bentivegna

Conservatory voice student Hannah Bentivegna (B.M. '20, voice) talks about how the Conservatory's Vocal/Choral Intensive (VCI) influenced her not only as a musician but as a person. 

Did you enjoy your experience with VCI? If so, what made it so enjoyable?

My experience at VCI was very enjoyable on many levels.  I met so many talented people who became my friends, and I know those relationships will last a lifetime. The training we received was also exceptional and I learned so much about myself, not just as a musician, but as a person. 

What skills did VCI help you build or strengthen?

During my time at VCI the faculty helped me to become more aware of my strengths and also of the areas that needed work. Going into the program, there were techniques that I knew I wanted to work on, such as breath control, but I was encouraged to also look at my overall performance and work on relieving some of the stress points in my body in order to deliver a more enjoyable performance for myself and the audience.

How did the faculty influence your VCI experience?

The faculty at VCI is great. They are very encouraging and positive, and that’s especially important for performers who can be very hard on themselves. There was never the feeling of not being good enough. We were always told to just do our best and have fun, and it will show in our performance.

How did this program influence you as an artist?

It was reassuring and exciting to come together for a few weeks with people who share your passion for music and learning. At VCI, I learned so much about myself not just as a musician, but as a person. I left the program feeling more confident about the things that are important to me and in my ability to work hard to achieve my goals.

Can you describe a favorite memory from your VCI experience?

One of the things I remember about VCI is meeting my roommates for the first time. We were all a little reserved and unsure of how we would get along, but by the first weekend, we were all out exploring Boston together and trying out all the delicious food.

How would you describe this program to a friend who is considering applying?

If you‘re looking for a program where the faculty truly care about you and can help you achieve your goals, where you’ll learn so much about yourself as a person and a musician, and where you will have a great time and make lifelong friends, don’t just think about applying to VCI, just do it!