Q&A with Samuel Sicilia

Samuel Sicilia (B.F.A. '19), a graduate of the Conservatory's contemporary dance program, describes how the Conservatory's Summer Dance Intensive (SDI) helped develop his technique and his artistry.

Did you enjoy your experience with SDI? If so, what made it so enjoyable?

I absolutely loved my SDI experience. I found the the atmosphere to be so welcoming while also pushing me to work harder. The faculty is world class and the program explores a wide but deep range of dance.

What skills did SDI help you build or strengthen?

SDI worked not just on my technique, but also my artistry, ability to pick up choreography, and ability to analyze and discuss dance.

How did the faculty influence your SDI experience?

The faculty were outstanding. They are experts in their fields and also incredibly supportive teachers. I was able to absorb everything they shared with us because of the open and supportive environment they created.

How did this program influence you as an artist?

I came out of the program feeling inspired to continue my journey with even more strength and a refreshed passion.

How would you describe this program to a friend who is considering applying?

SDI is a true intensive. Like the contemporary dance performance degree program, you are immersed in your art and given the opportunity to dig deeper than ever before. It is a chance to play with new techniques, artistic approaches, and work with new people.