Update: Boston Conservatory Announces Fully Remote Fall Semester

July 22, 2020


Boston Conservatory at Berklee announces it will conduct all studies entirely remotely for the fall 2020 semester, providing students with a rich and immersive learning experience that balances important experiential training with dynamic academic coursework, and allows for more individualized attention and mentoring from faculty. 

The fully remote fall semester allows the school to focus fully on delivering an engaging and meaningful fall experience, while promoting safety for all community members, undisrupted progress towards degree completion, and a strong community that will support, inspire, and engage one another throughout the semester. 

To help support students’ remote experience, Berklee is offering an array of new financial resources, including: 

  • a Back to Berklee Remote Learning Grant of $2,500 for all full-time degree students, not to exceed tuition, to help allow investments in equipment, instruments, software, technology, space rental, or to offset total tuition in this fully remote semester; 
  • increased overall scholarship support for new and continuing students by 15% (more than $10 million) compared to last year through expanded need-based aid for admitted students and our Thrive scholarship program;
  • tuition frozen at the 2019–2020 rates; 
  • waived fees; and
  • a free, degree-fulfilling performance lab experience, offered during summer 2021 to undergraduate students enrolled full time during the fall 2020 semester. 

Boston Conservatory's fall semester was intentionally designed to maximize the potential of online learning and build a strong sense of community through newly developed opportunities for collaboration, performance, and connection. Highlights include:

  • on-screen learning that is limited to six hours per day, allowing students critical time for personal reflection, processing, recharging, and creative exploration;
  • class schedules that accommodate time zone differences;  
  • small classes of eight students or fewer for key experiential courses, ensuring that every student receives personalized and meaningful instruction;
  • performances that explore themes of community building, resilience, healing, and social justice, and use digital and video technology to push the boundaries of performance innovation; and
  • numerous opportunities for students to connect and create outside the virtual classroom. 

In addition, Berklee will continue to offer students wellness and career support services, as well as remote experiential programs teaching how to participate in industry internships, auditions, and virtual performances. 

For more information, visit berklee.edu/btb