150 Photo Project

Help preserve the Conservatory’s history

Over the last 150 years, Boston Conservatory has amassed a number of artifacts, images, and documents related to the incredible people, places, and events that have made the school unique. As the school attempts to preserve and archive these treasured pieces of our history, much work needs to be done to accurately identify and label them. This is where you come in.

The Flickr album below represents just a handful of images that need to be identified. If you know any of the people or places featured, consider contributing your information for the archive.

Identify images using either of these options:

  1. Create a Flickr account, and simply add your contribution to the Comments section for the image(s) you wish to identify.
  2. Complete the identification form below, indicating which image you are referring to in the album, and any necessary identifying information. 

Identification form