Student Spotlight: Raúl Ávila

Raúl Ávila (B.F.A. '21, contemporary theater) discusses how the contemporary theater program has transformed their artistry. 

Raúl Ávila is a Mexican-born theater artist, actor, producer, playwright, filmmaker, and storyteller. They started their professional career as an actor in the critically acclaimed play After Midnight, both in the Mexico City production and the national tour. Other theater credits include Chelsea People, A Marriage Proposal, and Hades and the One Year Winter. Film and TV credits include My Heart Is Yours, 600 Miles, The Fenway Memory Project, and Lupita. Producing credits include Constellations, A Marriage Proposal, and Her. Ávila will receive a B.F.A. in theater: contemporary theater and dedicate their life to creating art that provokes and challenges the intersections in race and gender.

“The B.F.A in Theater: Contemporary Theater program is one-of-a-kind. I’ve discovered the alchemy of ensemble building, which has led me to find my own voice and discover my full potential as a multi-hyphenate artist. The program taught me the importance of ‘trusting the process,’ not only in the rehearsal space, but in my daily life. The notion that there is not ‘one way’ to do theater has reinforced in me the importance of reinventing my self and my art. Instead of only being an actor, I now consider myself a theater maker, and I am ready to take on the world. I want to keep telling stories that are timely, compelling, and intersectional. I’m a completely different artist now.”