Student Spotlight: Sharmarke Yusuf

Sharmarke Yusuf's headshot

Sharmarke Yusuf

Class of 2020 B.F.A., Contemporary Theater

Sharmarke Yusuf (B.F.A. '20, contemporary theater) has long had an interest in writing, and he began to take it seriously as an area of focus after taking a playwriting class at the Conservatory. He is currently pursuing a creative writing minor, which includes Berklee College of Music courses.

Since I declared a creative writing minor, the scope of how I view myself as an artist has expanded exponentially. Honing my skills as a writer means I can have more autonomy in telling important stories rather than solely relying on other people to cast me as an actor. Since I began focusing on my writing, a play that I wrote last semester, Toystore, was selected to be produced in Reground Theatre Collective’s inaugural theater festival on April 12. I can’t wait to take more writing classes next year and grow even more as a writer and artist.