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Deborah (Debi) Adams

Director of Alexander Technique
Alexander Technique

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Deborah (Debi) Adams joined the Conservatory in 2002 and teaches Alexander Technique. Her Alexander teacher-training program at the Conservatory allows graduate students to earn an Alexander teaching certificate while they complete their degrees.

Adams first became interested in Alexander Technique when she sustained a hand injury as a graduate student studying piano performance. Her experience as a performer and Alexander Technique teacher brings a unique perspective to her classes. She has taught the technique worldwide to musicians in the Czech Republic, Japan, South Korea, and Peru.

Adams earned her Alexander Technique teaching certificate from the Alexander Technique Center of Cambridge, directed by Tommy Thompson. She is also recognized by Alexander Technique International, a worldwide professional organization of teachers. Prior to these certifications, Adams earned an M.M. in piano performance from Boston University. She also earned a B.A. in music, with a minor in psychology, from Boston University.

Adams resides in Boston, Massachusetts. She runs a private practice in Brookline, Massachusetts, in piano and Alexander Technique. She also performs as part of a piano duo, the Well Tempered Pianist.

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