Alumni Spotlight: MiMi Scardulla

MiMi Scardula Performs

MiMi Scardulla

Class of 2016 B.F.A., Musical Theater

Picture this: an 18-year-old girl headed to her 14th (!) college audition. She’s auditioning for Boston Conservatory, whose graduates have the reputation of being the best and brightest on Broadway. She didn’t think, in a million years, they’d choose her. Nonetheless, she walked in, took a breath—and sang.

Afterward, that girl was prepared for the cold, dismissive “thank you.” To her surprise, however, the panel invited her to sit down and chat. She left the room 10 minutes later knowing this school was different from all the rest.

That girl was me!

When I was auditioning for programs around the country, all I wanted was a place where I could find myself and a deeper love for theater. At the Conservatory, I found that love, and I blossomed into an artist who encourages, entertains, and enlightens.

In my junior year, I had the amazing opportunity to workshop a new off-Broadway musical. Surrounded by big industry names and professional performers, I began to wonder whether I was good enough—but I got up on stage and kick-ball-changed with the best of them!

I thank my lucky stars for every jam-packed day I spent at the Conservatory.