Q&A with Lance Strickland

Musical theater alumnus Lance Strickland (B.F.A. '18) explains how the Musical Theater Dance Intensive (MTDI) gave him a taste of daily life as a Conservatory student. 

Did you enjoy your experience with MTDI? If so, what made it so enjoyable?

My MTDI experience was very enjoyable. It was my first time away from home so I felt a strong sense of independence. Most importantly, it gave me a chance to get a taste of a day in the life of a Conservatory student and reinforced my love of being a performing artist.

What skills did MTDI help you build or strengthen?

MTDI helped me learn how important it is to develop your own style as a dancer and how to pick up choreography faster. In doing this, I started to feel a stronger sense of confidence and beauty in myself as an artist.

How did the faculty influence your MTDI experience?

They continually encouraged me to give more than I was originally giving. They also always had time to help me correct any small phrase that seemed to be slightly foreign to me.

How did this program influence you as an artist?

MTDI helped me understand that when I dance or act, I am not only sharing the piece but am also sharing a part of myself with the audience.

Can you describe a favorite memory from your MTDI experience?

My favorite memory is when we first set foot on the Boston Conservatory Theater stage for the final performance. In the opening number I remember feeling nervous, excited, and looking around at my fellow MTDI warriors and feeling extremely proud of how much progress we had all made in a short time. Then, the lights came up as we danced our hearts out.

How would you describe this program to a friend who is considering applying?

This program is three weeks of nonstop dancing, sweating, acting, singing, and laughing. Then, at the end of the experience, you feel like a brand new, fierce creature.