Goals and Action Plan

To realize its vision of being a globally minded conservatory of the future, Boston Conservatory has identified both long-term and short-term goals to support a more diverse and inclusive campus. 

If you have ideas for helping achieve these goals, share your feedback here.

If you are able to contribute any amount to help fund this work, please consider giving a gift to the Executive Director’s Momentum Fund (EDMF). All EDMF gifts received during the 2020–2021 academic year will be dedicated to diversity initiatives at the Conservatory.


Long-Term Goals

Diversity—in all its forms—is at the center of the Conservatory’s Strategic Direction for 2020–2025. We are accelerating our work to achieve:

  • Diversity of population: racial, ethnic, and gender diversity in our student, faculty, and staff populations.

  • Diversity of aesthetic: reframing of Western classicism within a global context and a new immersion in a wide range of contemporary aesthetics and forms.

  • Diversity of culture: a progressively inclusive curriculum and pedagogy and culturally agile student, faculty, and staff community

Boston Conservatory is undertaking a multipronged approach to realizing these goals, including:

  • Academics: Boston Conservatory will reinvent its dance, theater, and music curricula to ensure structural incorporation of diverse aesthetics, voices, and perspectives by contextualizing western classicism as one living language in dialogue with many others, and framing this understanding within a global historical context. This diversity of aesthetics will be reflected in performance programming, expanding the repertoire of artistic work which our students create and perform. 

  • Community: Boston Conservatory will realign recruitment, admissions, and financial awarding strategies to prioritize diversity within our student body. Similarly, Boston Conservatory will broaden faculty and staff job posting visibility and refine hiring practices to secure diverse candidate pools for open positions.

  • Culture: Cultural agility is a key aspect of preparing our students to reach their fullest potential as artists and as socially responsible citizens. Therefore, Boston Conservatory will pursue global partnerships and establish academic opportunities with a diverse array of organizations to provide our students with a range of cultural experiences that support their artistic development. In addition, we will utilize Berklee’s international centers to expand opportunities for students to engage with people and cultures around the world. 

2020–2021 Action Plan

Boston Conservatory’s work towards creating a diverse and inclusive campus is ongoing and will focus on different priorities from year to year. Boston Conservatory commits to these immediate priorities for 2020–2021:

  1. Boston Conservatory will mandate diversity, anti-racism, and anti-bias training for all students, faculty, and staff to promote awareness, understanding, and empathy within our community.
  2. Boston Conservatory will hire more Black faculty across all disciplines.
  3. Boston Conservatory will prioritize the enrollment of Black students by coordinating recruitment, admissions, and financial aid awarding strategies.
  4. Boston Conservatory will continue to decolonize our curriculum through academic innovation work and curriculum redesign across all three divisions. 
  5. Boston Conservatory will allocate all philanthropic gifts given in 2020–2021 to the Executive Director's Momentum Fund to these diversity efforts.
  6. Boston Conservatory will diversify our performance programming to ensure that Black artists and underrepresented voices are elevated and celebrated.
  7. Boston Conservatory will partner with the Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to better promote and utilize the resources, expertise, and services available to the Berklee community. 
  8. Boston Conservatory will provide opportunities and create space for our Black students, faculty, staff, and alumni to share thoughts, ideas, and reflections about this moment and how we can do better going forward. We will also empower initiatives and efforts that build community and support systems for our Black students, such as Black Scholars Initiative and the Black Student Alliance
  9. Boston Conservatory will facilitate dialogues with all community members on improving race and diversity issues on campus through a series of forums, as well as a new feedback form, and I invite you all to contribute your ideas now.
  10. Boston Conservatory will create student, alumni, and faculty working groups to collaborate with leadership on addressing issues of racism and diversity, and will report out to the community regularly on progress and initiatives. 


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