Our Momentum: Progress to Date

As a central focus of Boston Conservatory’s Strategic Direction for 2020 to 2025, the Conservatory has developed an interlocking and proactive set of strategies and initiatives to address its diversity and racial justice goals. Since launching its Strategic Direction in fall 2019, Boston Conservatory has aligned enrollment, academic, financial, and advancement strategies in support of this vision, and is allocating resources—both personnel and financial—toward achieving these goals.

Areas of focus include:

  • student, faculty, and staff recruitment and retention;
  • community training, education, and dialogue;
  • academic innovation, including curricular reinvention, refreshed performance programming, diverse guest artist engagement, and global partnerships;
  • fundraising to support student scholarship and diversity initiatives; and
  • support resources for students.

Key 2020–2021 Academic Year Highlights

  • Student Recruitment: 

    • Our recently realigned strategies for recruiting students from underrepresented populations is yielding notable results. For example, the entering dance class for fall 2020 is 50 percent BIPOC

    • A new position, assistant dean of multicultural recruitment, has been created to focus exclusively on recruitment of domestic and international BIPOC students.

  • Faculty Hiring: Hiring of BIPOC faculty members has accelerated; most notably, we have increased our faculty BIPOC population in the Theater Division by 21 percentage points between spring 2020 and fall 2020.

  • Curricular Innovation: All three divisions are extensively revising curriculum to ensure diversity of perspective and aesthetic in the academic experience. For example, the Theater Division has introduced several new courses, including Race, Identity, and Performance and Contemporary Black Playwrights.

  • Community Training, Education, and Dialogue: The Berklee Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, alongside the Black History Celebration Committee and many partners across the Berklee community have organized the spring 2021 Black History Celebrations, titled Black Legacy and Resilience: Education, Empowerment, and Healing Signature Series. From February through April, this series will feature Black artists, storytellers, activists, speakers, and thinkers in a variety of formats and forums to engage members of our community in learning, reflection, celebration, and renewal. The Black History Celebrations’ signature event series includes the inaugural, two-day We Will Rise Summit held virtually on February 26 and 27, open to all, including alumni, parents, families, and friends of Berklee.

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