Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s Fall 2017 Performance Season Presents an Array of New and Classical Works

August 23, 2017

Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s fall performance lineup features an array of new and classical works of dance, music, opera, and theater.

The Conservatory's fall season features two Boston Conservatory Orchestra performances conducted by Bruce Hangen; the fall dance concert, From the Ground Up; Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical Carousel; the opera Dead Man Walking; Stephen Karam’s Sons of the Prophet; and more.

View the full schedule of events—most of which are free or low cost. Season highlights include:

September 24, 2017: String Masters Series: Jorja Fleezanis and Karl Paulnack

September 26, 2017: Piano Masters Series: Norman Krieger

October 1, 2017: Boston Conservatory Orchestra

October 8, 2017: String Masters Series: Steven Doane, Cello

October 12–15, 2017: Theater: Carousel

October 22, 2017: String Masters Series: Gabriela Diaz and Yoko Hagino

October 24, 2017: Piano Masters Series: Jerome Lowenthal

November 2, 2017: Dance: From the Ground Up

November 3, 2017: Boston Conservatory Chamber Series

November 5, 2017: Boston Conservatory Orchestra

November 16–19, 2017: Opera: Dead Man Walking

November 19, 2017: String Masters Series: Katie Lansdale and Judith Gordon

November 28, 2017: Piano Masters Series: Michael Lewin

December 6, 2017: Theater: Sons of the Prophet