Graduate Performance Diploma in Marimba Performance


Program Overview

After completing an undergraduate or graduate degree in music, students may wish to gain more practical performance experience before pursuing an advanced degree or a career in the industry. Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s Graduate Performance Diploma (G.P.D.) is a two-year program that provides concentrated performance training without the academic coursework required of a master's program. Because the G.P.D. program is designed to maximize students' time performing and minimize their time in the classroom, students entering the program are expected to be strong performers and well versed in their knowledge of music. Therefore, an undergraduate degree in music is required to be eligible for enrollment.

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Performance Opportunities

G.P.D. students receive weekly personalized lessons with their Conservatory instructor(s), with an emphasis on performance technique and presence. With ensemble assignments meant to emulate the pacing and rigor of a professional music organization, students perform continually throughout each semester with the Conservatory’s many ensembles and chamber groups, and in solo recitals.

Additionally, students are encouraged to take advantage of the Conservatory’s prime location in Boston by auditioning for local ensembles and participating in music festivals and competitions. This provides an excellent opportunity for students to build real-world experience and strong professional networks.

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