Bachelor of Music in Woodwind Performance


Program Overview

Boston Conservatory at Berklee's woodwind performance program is focused on developing multifaceted artists, fluent in a wide range of repertoire and musical styles. Under the guidance of the Conservatory's esteemed faculty, students not only gain technical and artistic mastery of their instrument, but are also encouraged to explore other instruments in the woodwind family to expand their skill sets.

The Conservatory’s approach to ensemble participation is unparalleled. In order to replicate the pacing and structure of a professional music company, every two weeks throughout the semester students rehearse and perform with a new Conservatory group, including symphonic orchestras, chamber ensembles, contemporary ensembles, and pit orchestras for dance, opera, and theater productions. The program also offers many solo and group performance opportunities both at the Conservatory and Berklee College of Music, which boasts many stylistically diverse academic-based and student-run ensembles.

Many Conservatory faculty members are active performing and recording artists who provide students with valuable career guidance and insight. Faculty members help students understand themselves as entrepreneurs and assist in defining their career goals and assembling their professional network, resumés, and audition repertoire.

How to apply