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Dance Division - Boston Conservatory at Berklee

The Future of Dance Training

With a profound depth of knowledge and an impressive portfolio of real-world dance experience, Boston Conservatory teachers and acclaimed guest artists are as passionate about their students as they are about their craft. By challenging students to think beyond conventions, the Conservatory provides an environment for young dancers to grow into cutting-edge artists. The Conservatory’s outstanding technical training, supported by thought-provoking coursework, guides dancers' development as “whole artists”—those who are well-rounded, culturally aware, and fully engaged in mind, body, and spirit. 

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Awards and Recognitions

Boston Conservatory at Berklee's contemporary dance program is widely recognized as the best in the world. Recently, Boston Conservatory was rated a “top 10 school for choreographers” by College Magazine, a “top 10 school for dance” by Backstage, a “top 25 college dance program” by OnStage, the best dance program in Massachusetts and among the top 13 programs in the U.S. by Dance US, and a “top tier performing arts college for dance” by Prep Scholar. View all of Boston Conservatory at Berklee's 2018 accolades

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Summer Dance Intensive

Find out what makes Boston Conservatory at Berklee a leader in dance training by participating in its popular Summer Dance Intensive (SDI), a three-week summer program in July for dancers ages 15 to 22. The program features three acclaimed guest artists and rigorous curriculum that includes classical ballet, contemporary ballet, modern dance, and improvisation. Learn more about SDI and how to apply.

Boston Conservatory at Berklee - Dance Division History

History of the Dance Division

When Boston Conservatory’s Dance Division was established in 1943 by Austrian-born dancer Jan Veen, it was the first complete college-level department of dance in the country. Over the decades, this legacy of innovation evolved and expanded through the visionary work of the division’s three subsequent leaders: celebrated ballerina Ruth Sandholm Ambrose, respected Japanese-trained dancer Yasuko Tokunaga, and esteemed choreographer and arts administrator Cathy Young. These teachers and their talented students built what is today an internationally renowned program at the forefront of contemporary dance training. View Boston Conservatory's interactive timeline for more fun facts.