Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance: Commercial Dance


“We're helping dancers realize what makes them unique and how they can make themselves the most marketable dancers in the field.”

Ruka Hatua-Saar White, Associate Professor

Program Overview

Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s groundbreaking B.F.A. in Dance: Commercial Dance is the first and only three-year B.F.A. program offered at the conservatory level that is focused on dance performance and creation for commercial industries—film, television, theater, theme and amusement parks, stadium and arena concerts, cruise line industries, music videos, tours, circus arts, and more. 

The program's curriculum is designed for highly skilled dancers who are looking for immersive training in a broad range of commercial styles while learning the ins and outs of this expansive industry so that they are fully prepared to launch their careers by the time they graduate. Through the curriculum’s career component, developed in partnership with Berklee’s state-of-the-art Career Center, commercial dance students will be connected with industry professionals and have access to many gig and internship opportunities. 

Due to the rigorous nature of the training, the program is best for strong dancers with high proficiency in at least one of the following dance styles: hip-hop, jazzdance, tap, Latin styles, musical theater styles, contemporary styles, and more. While classical dance experience is welcome, it is not required for admission; applicants can audition with whichever dance form best represents their skills and artistry.

How to Apply