Senior Capstone: Ineffable

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Event Dates
The Zack Box Theater
8 Fenway
United States
Audience Advisory: This performance contains discussions of death and abuse, obscene language, flashing lights, and mild sexual content.

We dissect, we push, we pull, we find colossal joy in nothing, and microscopic tragedy in everything, all behind our eyes every single day. How can it be put into words? How could it be spoken? Be shared? Ineffable is an experiment of making the universal and mundane epics of adolescents into a tangible catharsis of collaboration, color, breath, and movement, extracting the unspeakable and unspoken highs and lows of coming into a splintered existence—a collective confession of divine naïvete.

This event is open to Berklee students, faculty, and staff with a valid Berklee ID, and invited guests only.

Program Information

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