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Kayla Gautereaux

Assistant Professor of Voice
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Kayla Gautereaux joined the Conservatory in 2022 and guides the M.F.A. in Musical Theater: Musical Theater Vocal Pedagogy students through the dissertation process, in which they learn to translate their creative curiosity into systematic investigation, coherent writing, and persuasive presentations. Her graduated students are change-makers, holding voice faculty and research positions at New England Conservatory (NEC), Berklee College of Music, Fort Lewis College, Rockford University, and others. 

On the voice faculty at Berklee College of Music, Gautereaux is an evidence-based, identity-affirming voice teacher. Collaboratively exploring the cutting edge of vocal pedagogy with her voice students, her experience spans an array of unique areas, such as teaching transgender students, partnering with professional choir directors, and working with medical professionals to restore singers in rehabilitative voice care. 

She serves on the Governance Committee of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Boston Chapter, and the Advisory Committee for the National Vice President of Outreach, centering programming and policies on IDEA-affirming practices. Additionally, she serves on the faculty of the Acoustic Vocal Pedagogy Workshop with Ken Bozeman and the Boston Wagner Institute with Jane Eaglen. 

Gautereaux previously was assistant vocal pedagogy director and voice and sound analysis lab manager at New England Conservatory. In 2021, she was honored with a Board of Trustees Award “in recognition of the remarkable energy and work to propel NEC forward with rigor and imagination, keeping NEC’s community safe through the COVID-19 pandemic, advancing the institutional mission, and ensuring students received an education of excellence, even in extraordinary times.”

She earned an M.M. in Vocal Pedagogy from New England Conservatory and a B.M. in Vocal Performance from San Diego State University.

Recent Notable Publications and Presentations

  • Shi, X., Gautereaux, K., Howell, I. “A Comparative Study of Wavelet Analysis and Short-Time Fourier Transform on the Singing Voice,” (the Voice Foundation at Philadelphia, 2022).
  • Burks, J., Howell, I., Gautereaux, K. “Speaking Fundamental Frequency and Voice Classification for Sopranos and Mezzo-Sopranos,” (Pan American Vocology Association Symposium, 2022). 
  • Asano, C., Howell, I., Gautereaux, K. “Japanese Female Voice in Anime,” (Pan American Vocology Association Virtual Symposium, 2021). 
  • Guthridge, L., Howell, I., Gautereaux, K. “Ocular Measurements and Locus of Attention in Solo Voice Instruction,” (Pan American Vocology Association Virtual Symposium, 2021). 
  • Gautereaux, K., Trees, J., Howell, I. “Peering Inside the Period: Wavelet Decomposition as an Alternative to the Fourier Transform” (NATS National Virtual Conference, 2020). 
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    New England Conservatory of Music
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    Vocal Pedagogy
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    San Diego State University
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    Voice Performance
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In Their Own Words

Research is a form of artistic expression. The most compelling voice research questions come from the lived experience of teachers. My role is to cultivate curiosity and foster knowledge creators.